About the Instructor
Gary Polvinale believes the job of a teacher of Tai Chi is to humbly act as a guide for others along the path he has walked to familiarity
There are no black belts in Tai Chi. And no one ever achieves perfection. It is a lifelong journey. In 2001 Gary Polvinale began his Tai Chi journey and has achieved Si Hing (senior) status for his mastery of Tai Chi within the White Tiger kwoon (school).

Tai Chi is an internal martial art, active meditation that cultivates the life force, the chi. Gary began Tai Chi for stress relief, and over the years discovered the many other benefits Tai Chi provides. Currently, he has chosen to complete the circle by sharing and passing on the benefits to others.
Wu Family Long Form taught here is small-frame, close-in, upright Tai Chi, easy on the joints & requiring minimal exertion, while at the same time time building power, strength, balance and coordination. Although slow and smooth, Wu provides a good workout and challenges the mind, yet is easily adjusted to accomodate different fitness levels and physical limitations, making it theraputic for injury recovery.